How To Lose Weight Fast?

Necessary nutrients harm from overeating diet menu from what it is worth to give up physical activities Many women note that losing weight with age becomes more difficult and difficult. This is a normal process associated with changes in the body. Excess weight after 50 years is not only an unpleasant lack of a figure, but also a risk of getting diseases of the cardiovascular system, mammary glands, internal organs.

Getting rid of extra pounds in such an adult age should not have any effect on the state of physical and mental health, and will only contribute to improving well-being. To do this, the diet should be: proteins; fats; carbohydrates; cellulose; vitamins and microelements. Important: while dieting, do not forget to control body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar. Watch out for the energy balance. Overeating is the main enemy of a slender figure. Overeating high-calorie and fatty foods, you consume more than the body needs. Because of slow metabolism, the body does not have time to spend excess and lays it on the hips, abdomen, waist and on the internal organs.

Losing weight after 50 years old is not so fast as in youth, so you will have to make more effort. Making up the menu for each day, you need to take into account several observations: The basis of the diet is a plant food. A variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs should be on your daily table. In the ideal menu for weight loss after 50 years will be 50-60% of plant foods. Regular food products must contain vitamins B, A, E, PP, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. The diet should be divided – in small portions 4-5 times a day. Because it is very important for losing weight. In this case the body expends additional energy for digestion, increasing the metabolism. It is not recommended to drink water with food and drink tea immediately after a meal.

Maintain an interval of at least 30 minutes. The menu of a balanced diet for women after 50 years Breakfast: omlet from two eggs, herbal tea with 1 cup of bitter chocolate. Snack: apple or pear, a handful of berries. Lunch: vegetable soup, whole-grain bread sandwich with curd cheese and avocado. Snack: carrot slices with hummus Dinner: vegetable salad, grilled chicken breast. Before going to bed: a glass of kefir with 1 tsp. Bran Take Vitamins For weight loss you will have to reduce the amount of servings and adhere to the moderation in nutrition. Even if the menu is only useful food, it may not be enough to get all the vitamins and minerals.

For this reason, it is desirable for women to take complex of supplements during the period of active weight loss. Eliminate harmful products in the period after 50 years, it is very important to abandon several product groups. Salted and smoked – salted tomatoes and cucumbers, sausages, cheeses, smoked and salted fish, canned food. Sodium in the salt not only delays water and leads to excess swelling, but also cleanses calcium, leading to brittle bones. Sweet and flour. These products are the main cause of excess weight, so you need to get rid of them in the first place.

Alcohol. A caloric drink is enough, which harms health and prevents the discharge of excess weight. Spicy dishes. They prevent weight loss, and also lead to “hot flashes” in women during menopause, causing fever and sweating. Add workouts For rapid weight loss, it is important not only to consume less, but also to spend more. This rule is especially true for women after 50 years, when metabolism slows down, and movement in everyday life becomes less and less. Start the day with joint exercises and a small stretch, stretching the entire body. There are several options for the active load: fast walking in the hill or over rough terrain; walking at a moderate pace for at least 30 minutes a day; light weight training with dumbbells 1-3 kg; yoga or pilates; Dance classes (Zumba, belly dance, etc.). Include additional workload 2-3 times a week. Do not forget about the right breathing – it must be deep and slow. Drink during class is necessary in small sips.

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