About us

Dear friends.

I am really glad that you visited my virtual club for those who is interested in various methods and ways to keep good health and to develop physically and spiritually.

I am a IT engineer by background, graduated from the university five years ago. You are probably very surprised – how comes that a technical guy like me writes about health? Isn’t it a doctor’s prerogative?
One way or another, but health was a kind of hobby for me since my early school years. While my friends played football in a school yard, I was fascinated by various magazines and books on health and medicine, healing herbs and alternative fitness, that my parents brought home regularly. A little later I started to collect that staff myself – first printed, then more and more digital texts from the Internet, and soon after that I realized I was not the only one interested in the topic. So why not to make my findings public? That’s how I created by blog.

Here you will find collections of various articles and texts on health, not only physical but mental as well. I have materials both on conventional medicine and those dedicated to yoga, Ayurveda, Russian and Chinese traditional healing techniques.

Welcome to my page, read, leave your feedback and hope to be useful for you!